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Ethel L. Dupar Fragrant Garden

Seattle Lighthouse Expands Fragrant Garden
for Blind and Deaf-Blind!
Don and Nancy Swaney in Ethel L. Dupar's Fragrant Garden

This year there are many changes on the horizon for the fragrant garden. The Lighthouse is moving forward with plans to convert an existing oval, ground-level bed in the center of the garden into a raised bed that will allow the planting of a wider variety of new plants. While some of the existing beds emphasize plants with fragrant foliage and showcase scents ranging from peanut butter to curry, the new area will focus on floral fragrances. Raised beds create a pocket of air for scents to linger in the garden, making them easily enjoyable for blind and Deaf-Blind Lighthouse employees and garden visitors.

“This project will be one of the most ambitious things we have undertaken in the garden. It’s going to pay off, and we are going to have a huge amount of new planting space where we can experiment with new things and have some old favorites. We are really looking forward to it.”

— Helen Weber, Master Gardener for the Ethel L. Dupar Fragrant Garden

Other projects slated for this year include the renovation of the existing irrigation system, updating and increasing braille directional signs, and new landscaping around the entry area to the garden. The Lighthouse received a donation for a memorial bench in the garden, which will be a focal point in the new design around the entry.

2501 South Plum Street Seattle • (206) 322-4200